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The Authentic Caribbean Rum Certification Sessions are coming to New York and Chicago


With more than 60 sessions in Europe and 1500 certified trade professionals during 2014; Authentic Caribbean Rum’s Trade Professional Certification program is now live in the US. After sessions in Miami, San Francisco and Toronto #RumEducation is now heading East to Chicago and New York where local trade professionals will have the chance to sample our fantastic range of rums. Peter Vestinos will hold the session in Chicago on May 12th while Jason F. Cousins will host his session in New York on May 13th. Trade professionals can sign up for these local training events by choosing a date and a city from the calendar. There will be 5 more trainings in Florida, California, New York and Illinois so stay tuned.

These educational certification sessions last 4 hours and are free to attend, registration is on a first come first serve basis. The training is divided into modules that cover rum making, the ACR marque, the differences in rum styles and the history and heritage of rum around the world. Each module includes different tastings of more than 15 unique Caribbean rums.


For this new phase of the campaign, ACR has teamed up with leading beverage educator and consultant Steven Olson and 7 renowned spirit experts that will lead the sessions and show trade professionals the incredible quality, diversity and versatility of Authentic Caribbean Rum.

H. JosepEhrmann introduced Authentic Caribbean Rum to San Francisco in February by hosting our first Certification session in the US. The event took place at Elixir where H. showed attendants the importance of the ACR marque and thedifferences and nuances of rums from the Caribbean.

John Lermayer hosted the first session in Miami in April and Joe Howell led WIRSPA’s attendance to Spirit of Toronto and held the first training session in the city.

We will continue to post new dates and venues throughout 2015 for trade professionals across the US and Canada who are interested in learning about the origins, history and quality of Authentic Caribbean Rum. After attending a local training session and having obtained the Diploma, trade professionals can apply for the full Certification Program. This will include a one-week training programme with rum producers in the Caribbean. Trainees will have the chance to visit different distilleries and experience the full rum-making experience. From the sugar cane fields to the glass, the training will cover in depth the fermentation, distillation, ageing and blending processes.

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