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During a recent trip to Guyana, we interviewed WIRSPA Chairman Komal Samaroo. What follows are his thoughts on the WIRSPA, including its role in the rum world, its past and its future.

Hot Buttered Rum – drink recipe

Over 150 distilleries were around in New England in the mid 1600’s, and molasses was already being imported to British Colonies in America from Jamaica. Colonists made their variations to the beverages they used to have with whisky, by switching it to rum and adding it to hot beverages like noggs and toddies.


Medical Notes on board of the 18th century ships

Once upon a time the doctors in the English Royal Navy used rum to treat scorpion stings and tobacco smoke to revive drowning men, or told sailors to gargle with sulphuric acid if they were suffering from scurvy. Some odd and -today- gruesome methods were used as medicine and cures in the 18th century, as recorded in many naval surgeons' notebooks from the time.

The rum runner’s 60 day race

I just came back from Brazil, after having been reminded of September 13th (1661) National Cachaça Day. This rum runner now has to accurately plan his next 60 days around Europe, chasing rum events, shows, and Masterclasses. His mission is to try to learn as much as possible, while tasting around 1,000 rum samples in the process! Mission impossible?!...

Origin of the Dark N’ Stormy

It is said that the name "Dark and Stormy" originated when a sailor held up a cloudy drink and said it was the “colour of a cloud that only a fool or a dead man would sail under”. Nowadays the Dark N' Stormy is a widespread drink, extremely popular in pretty much everywhere, for instance in the US East Coast. The drink is so popular that any bartender in the US or Europe would be happy to make AND drink a (or several) Dark N' Stormy...


History of New England Rum

Not everyone realizes that USA has a long lasting relationship with rum. When asked, most people will guess that USA has always been a Bourbon country since its puritan heydays but that is by no means correct.

Black Tot Day was a necessary action but, was it all bad?

The original Navy rum ration began unofficially in 1655 when the daily liquor ration for serving sailors
was switched from brandy to rum. The change was officially recognised in Naval regulations in 1731, and
in 1750 Vice-Admiral Edward Vernon of the West Indies fleet issued a General Order establishing the
daily rum ration.


Why do we like it spiced?

It is no secret that in the past five years many Rum producers have been rapidly releasing their own brands of spiced rum. It has been an area of growth and popularity in both the on and off trade sectors. The spiced category is relatively under exploited and far less crowded than its light, dark or aged cousins. Is the extension to the broad already broad category a good or bad thing for all concerned? Why are these rums proving so popular? ...

Trip to the Caribbean

I knew when I got that email from WIRSPA(West Indies Rum & Spirit Producers’ Association) asking me if I could be available for a week in the Caribbean that it would be already the best news from 2013! 

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