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The Authentic Caribbean Rum Certification Programme


We are very excited to announce the launch of the first ever official Certification Programme for Authentic Caribbean Rum. It is an international training initiative for trade professionals offering authentic training in the Caribbean for a number of selected individuals. The programme includes initial in-depth sessions about the rum category all over the world followed by intensive professional training with rum producers in the Caribbean.

There are two levels of the programme, which will need to be completed to obtain the first ever official certification by the Authentic Caribbean Rum Marque:


1. The Authentic Caribbean Rum Diploma: the initial stage of the training consists of high quality training sessions led by our International Panel members across Europe initially (USA and Canada will be available soon). Trade professionals can sign up for these local training events by choosing a date and a city from the calendar available here.

These sessions will be delivered by our International Panel of spirits professionals in Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, UK and Spain.


2. Authentic Caribbean Rum Certification: after attending a local training session and having obtained the Diploma, trade professionals can apply for the full Certification Programme. This will include a one-week training programme with rum producers in the Caribbean. Trainees will have the chance to visit different distilleries and experience the full rum-making experience. From the sugar cane fields to the glass, the training will cover in depth the fermentation, distillation, ageing and blending processes.

WIRSPA Chairman Frank Ward said: “The launch of this programme is a key step for the Authentic Caribbean Rum Marque in our quest to increase knowledge amongst trade professionals around the world on the huge diversity and quality of rum from CARIFORUM* countries”.


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