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In 2013 we launched the first ever Authentic Caribbean Rum Certification Programme for bartenders and trade professionals. 6 spirits experts from Europe went to Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada, Antigua, Trinidad and Guyana to meet rum producers and brand owners as well as WIRSPA representatives and people involved with rum production. 


They became the first members of the Authentic Caribbean Rum International Panel, later joined by seven experts from the US and Canada. And they have helped WIRSPA and the ACR Marque deliver more than 110 training sessions in which nearly 3,000 professionals have been trained as the first step to certification. 


Out of all the people trained, 10 professionals were selected for the excellence of their second stage application which included a serving suggestion for Authentic Caribbean Rum. Their reward: a trip to three Caribbean countries to complete their certification and experience how true rum is made.  They are the first 10 ACR certified professionals and we thank Isabella Newman, Josh Miller, Cathy Mutis, Helle Aslak, Austin Hartman, Jürgen Wilms, David Hébert, Alessandro Zampieri, Juanjo Mailló, Dries Botty for their continued support and their love for true rum. And of course we extend our gratitude to H. Joseph Ehrmann, Joe Howell, Danielle Tatarin, Gabrielle Panaccio, Peter Vestinos, John Lermayer, Jason F. Cousins, Steve Olson, Amit Sood, Miguel Figueredo, Alberto Pizarro, Greg Erchoff, Bastian Heuser, Dan Biondi and Andrew Nicholls for their passion and their professionalism in helping us spread the word about Authentic Caribbean Rum, about the provenance, quality and diversity of this unique spirit. A story of the people and culture behind this unique spirit, a story of true rum.

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