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Hi-Pitch Punch Recipe

Miguel Figueredo

Here is the recipe that I will be featuring in one of the new drink menus at Paradisus Palma Real Hotel in Punta Cana. It is rum based without complications – simple and effective. Like an antique it doesn´t mess with a good foundation and is inspired by the great classics. It takes a drink like the Daiquiri to a stage of —even more classic— punch. It actually works beautifully both as a one serve drink, as well as a bowl of punch. Just adjust the amount of ingredients to your batch size to preserve balance. Oh, this is what I call pure joy!


Hi-Pitch Punch


Glassware: coupe cocktail glass

Method: shaken, hard!

Garnish: dash of Angostura bitters and 1 fresh sage leaf


45 ml aged Caribbean Rum

22 ml white grapefruit juice

10-15 ml Orgeat syrup

1 piece (4 g) of fresh ginger (mix it)


NOTE: substituting Orgeat with cinnamon syrup (1:1) works great too, but be careful as not everyone likes cinnamon.



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