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The Authentic Caribbean Rum Certification Programme has been running in North America since February of this year, with #RumEducation sessions across the USA and Canada. We are arriving for the first time to San Diego on July 29th. H. Ehrmann will lead the training session, and it’s free for bartenders and professionals of the spirits and beverage industry. 

The certification session in San Diego will be held at Fairweather, a patio bar dedicated to “drinks from sunny places”. Fairweather is the brainchild of Anthony Schmidt, Consortium’s cocktail guru and one of the more respected drinks men in the country. Trade professionals interested in receiving this free rum training can sign up at through this link.


And #RumEducation doesn’t end here, we’re continuing our tour throughout North America and will visit Indianapolis, Kansas, New York, San Francisco, Victoria and Quebec among other cities. Our calendar is full until late October. Check out our dates and venues and find out which one suits you best to become ACR certified and learn all about the quality, diversity and versatility of this unique spirit.

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