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3/4 Between the Sheets Cocktail

By Bastian Heuser


3/4 Between the Sheets Cocktail 

¾ oz Fresh Lemon juice

¾ oz Cointreau

¾ oz St. Nicholas Abbey White

¾ oz El Dorado 15 years


Between_the_sheets2.jpgThe Between the Sheets dates back to prohibition and offers a striking resemblance to the Sidecar cocktail. The name of this drink strongly suggests that it is something like the forefather of all of the Silk Panties, Slippery Nipples, Screaming Orgasms but: the Between the Sheets in comparison to the latter is a drink with class!

Bartenders of the golden cocktail age (a.k.a. pre-prohibition) would have shuddered at the thought of mixing two base spirits. But during prohibition bartenders were everything else but dogmatic in the use of any kind of alcohol really.

In our version we take the concept a little further and adapt it to our likings using two complex Authentic Caribbean Rums.

If you go for our suggested recipe you’ll experience a few things: the fruity notes of the St. Nicholas Abbey play “of course“ well together with the Cointreau, but at the same time the fresh lemon juice adds his freshness and the long sweet wooden finish from the El Dorado 15 makes this your new favourite Cocktail!


Between the Sheets

* The Ted Saucier recipe (by way of Degroff)

1.5 oz Cognac

0.5 oz Benedictine

0.5 oz Cointreau

0.75 oz Lemon juice


Shaken a la Sidecar


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