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Caribbean Rum Punch

There is a modest rhyme, originating from the shores of the Caribbean that describes: “one of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak”. It is believed that these poetic words make up the first ever rum punch recipe. Since then, bartenders in the Caribbean have been evolving and adapting ingredients to satisfy our senses and conjure up pure heaven in a glass.

First they have to decide on what will be the strong part. Which Authentic Caribbean Rum to use? So versatile that it can woo any palate, from enthusiastic locals to the curious tourist.

Then comes the sweet and sour, the fresh tart juices and sugary syrups, whose balance may determine success or failure. Too sweet and all flavor may be lost, too tart and your taste buds may never forgive you.

Last to be added is the weak part, that which soothes the senses and dilutes the intensity, such as a soft drink or even some sparkling wine.

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