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Decade of Rum
A Golden Age for Rum

Rum’s place in the world spirits market has been growing steadily for the past decade. The diversity of the category, the return of the cocktail culture and the rise of the educated consumer, has contributed to a growing global audience who are thirsty for guidance and knowledge about this incredible spirit. As part of the Authentic Caribbean Rum campaign we have developed an overview of the global rum market to learn what types of rums are being chosen by consumers, where money is being spent and which are the most popular rum brands. In this report we have also looked into the main rum markets to understand what’s driving demand as well as the differences in trends and attitudes towards rum and the most popular varieties within the category.

The outlook is very good for rum, which in turn is a great thing for Authentic Caribbean Rum. With interest in all rum – white, dark, golden and spiced – at a real high and consumers’ growing desire for information on provenance, it means that Authentic Caribbean Rum look set for a promising time ahead.

Full report is now available for downloading.

A complete guide to
Authentic Caribbean Rum

The Explorers Guide to True Rum is an overview of all the brands that are part of the ACR Marque. It includes the country of production, tasting notes and the appearance of each rum. This comprehensive guide also contains recommendations to best enjoy these rums, such as classic cocktails and other examples suggested by ACR`s International Panel Members. The publication contains an introduction to the rum category in general, specific aspects of the ACR Marque and the full process of rum creation, from the field to the glass. The main content is an in depth description each of the ACR brands.

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How to Drink True Rum

How To Drink True Rum has been developed using serving suggestions submitted by participants of our Certification Programme around the world. It shows the versatility that Authentic Caribbean Rum can offer to trade professionals.

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