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We’ve had a busy month in August and visited Toronto, Quebec, Kansas, Montreal, New York City and Victoria. After a brief break, we will be back in September starting on September 8th in Toronto with Joe Howell. Additionally, we will visit New York City once again with Jason F. Cousins and San Francisco with H. Joseph Ehrmann on September the 14th.


H. Joseph Ehrmann will deliver the training session at Dirty Water , a restaurant that boasts growing from a foundation and appreciation of the craft brewing industry, the art of making wine and the search for a perfect cocktail. Furthermore, the ACR Marque will be back at Bar Le Lab in Montreal with Gabrielle Panaccio, who will lead a training session on September the 21st. 


#RumEducation doesn’t end there, and we will continue spreading knowledge about rum in Mississsauga, Chicago and Sherbrooke in October, to name a few. Click on this link to find out about future dates and venues near you, and become an expert in Authentic Caribbean Rum by joining one of our official Trade Professional Certification Sessions, and find out how ACR may take you to the Caribbean to learn first hand about the secrets behind the making of Authentic Caribbean Rum.

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